Thursday, July 5, 2012

Something is missing.

It's sad when everything comes down in a second, in the blink of an eye. I knew since i woke up that today was not going to be my day, i felt bad since the moment i opened my eyes and i didn't even know why and there's no reason yet.
But as the day was running it started to feel gray. I expected to se someone today and instead of that i got a rejected call, at least my dog was there. i tride to laugh but i didn't happened.
My mom really knows me, she asked what was wrong, i couldn't answer because i wasn't sure. At first i felt bad physically now i feel bad i every single way.
Someone said something, i indirectly responded because i was angry, people talking about something they don't have, discipline, Then the offenses began, a girl making fun of me with a guy because i'm gay, bitch please, that guy is like a woman, he is so gay! I'm the one who laughs at that. I made a mistake, i know but that is not going to turn into a drama, i have decided to stop it. They are no one, they are the mediocres, they  are the mind poors, they are the not creative, they are the losers. It's done, what matters it's what comes next.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feel the rain on your skin.

I'm walking around, going nowhere and suddenly all the skies become dark, there isn't sun anymore; just clouds about to burst. I look up to the sky and the first drop falls on my nose; then a smile is drawn on my face, is the best feeling ever.

Does that happen to you?, to me all the time, the rain all over me, the wet streets, the water splashing everywhere; that's what the meaning of paradise should be, so beautiful. I wish it was forever because at that moment i can let me be myself, run, jump, sing and laugh; feel alive eventhough it's like a dream. Then i look my reflection in the water and i see that happy soul that hides inside of me and it says thank you to me, then i close my eyes with a smile on my face and i leave, i keep walking, there is no more rain, just a rainbow  above me; my heart stops beating, i look at the rainbow and i feel free, i want to climb that rainbow because maybe on the other side i can find the paradise, not a ephemeral one but an eternal one.

Can you believe that it all started with a drop on my nose?, i don't, but it's not about believing, it's about trusting.

So let me tell you this; feel the rain on your skin.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Empowering songs.

What do i do when i'm sad or hurt? Do i watch porn? no, i don't; Do i eat tons of ice cream? no, i don't; Do i cry? perhaps. But what i really do when i'm feeling like crap is listening to some songs which are not just songs, they are encouragement messages, words that make me feel like i'm a really important thing.

It's nice when you turn the volume up and all you listen to is not just noise, but is a beautiful poem that makes your heart beat faster and draws a smile in your face and then is when you think; hey! i don't have to change who i am, i don't have to hide my feelings because i am marvelous the way i am. It's so amazing how a song reminds you that, it's unbelievable the power that these kind of songs create in you.

Everytime that Christina tells me that i'm beautiful no matter what they say, when Lady Gaga says to me that i was born to be brave,when i hear katy perry and she tells me to show them what i'm worth and when pink sings that i'm fucking perfect, i do feel special and i know that they are right in every single verse they sing. And you, who have given me a hard time let me tell you; i know you wanna be a loser like me, you can go on and try to tear me down i'll be rising from the ground like a skyscraper because i am not what you think i am, i am golden and i'm just going to be true to who i am.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter to homophobes.

Are you asking me if i'm gay?, isn't it pretty obvious? Now that you know it i guess you are thinking that i'm less than you. But you are wrong, i'm not less than you MICHELE BACHMANN, i'm a brave guy just like you ZACHARY QUINTO; but beyond that i'm just a boy who has not fear on his eyes, who can run over the rainbow and who has a superheroe heart beating under his gentle appearance, i'm lucky.

I may be taller or smaller than you and you may be smarter or dumber than me but we are both people, i guess that we are not that different; think about it again, all of us are meant to give love, not hate; to help, not to destroy; and to smile, not to kill. I guess your problem is not with me or with us, it's with yourself; stop being so resentful with life, stop blaming everybody else; telling excuses like that loving a person of the same gender as me is wrong; begin loving yourself before telling us who we can love or not, we don't need your approval.

Do you feel good hitting others?, shouting or spittin on them?, really? that makes you happy?; ask yourself. It doesn't have to be so difficult, we just need a moment to realize who we are and what we want and i know that you don't want anyone to spoil that moment, so you don't spoil ours.

You say that i don't have the right to marry a man, but my dad and my mom who spend all the day yelling at each other are called a marriage?, and just because they are a man and a woman? that's totally unfair, a marriage is supposed to be based on love and respect not in a penis and a vagina, remove that medieval thought of your head and accept that you and i are somehow equal and i say somehow because i'm sure that you chose to be an alcoholic or drug addict, i didn't choose to be gay, I WAS BORN THIS WAY, BABY!; and i'm glad i was, but i don't judge you, so you don't judge me.

You may think that i don't fit the world, but the universe fits me and that's even better, i don't look for the boundaries because i am my only limit, so i just try to be bigger than the negativity, stronger than my past, sharper than the bullies and happier than a smile. I ROCK MY FUCKING TOWN!

This could be the first day of many days, but it also could be the last of many others, so stop worrying about me and begin getting your ass together.